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Remora Tracking:

State-of-the-Art GPS Tracking Technology

Remora is a new type of GPS tracking device for athletes, parents, employers, pet owners, travelers and more. Remora is tiny, powerful and multipurpose. It sends a signal that users can track from just about anywhere. 


Whether you want your child to be safe while walking to school or have friends know when you’re about to cross a marathon’s finish line, Remora makes it happen.


*Patent Pending

Place the tiny, unnoticable Remora sensor on whatever, or whoever, you want to track via GPS. Remora can be worn by marathon runners or hikers, attached to a pet’s collar, placed in an employee’s vehicle, carried in a child’s backpack, packed in a suitcase, worn by an elderly parent and more.


The tiny Remora sensor then transmits a GPS signal through low-grade cellular service. The idea is that Remora will be able to track from almost anywhere without a phone.


Anyone with permission to access your Remora signal can then view the sensor’s location via a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.


Friends and family can use Remora to track runners, bikers, and hikers. Parents can keep tabs on children. Adult children can keep track of elderly parents. Pet owners can find dogs who like to roam. Employers can view real-time location of their employees. Travelers can see the location of their suitcase if the airline says it’s lost.


Remora’s uses are only as limited as your imagination.

All Remora users pay a one-time fee for the sensor. Multiple pricing plans are then available to suit all kinds of uses. If you only want to use Remora for a few marathons a year, you can pay on-demand fees. If you want Remora sending a constant signal 24/7/365, you can choose a monthly or annual plan. Remora fits every lifestyle and every budget.

At Remora we think that keeping the most important things in life safe shouldn’t come with an expensive price tag.

Remora Live GPS Tracking Kickstarter

Our Team

Our team includes two top American engineers, several software experts, advertising experts, a race director, and many advisors who are currently building a prototype. We need funding to turn that prototype into a 1.0 model of Remora that our supporters can test and help us fine-tune.

What Is The Process?

Remora is still a few steps away from being released to the public but we want you there every step of the way. Below is the process we are taking to make Remora a reality. Our timeline will be coming soon.


Our engineers are currently building the first working version of the Remora chip. Once built and tested we will need to shrink the chip to make it the size and weight that our users are expecting.

Manufacturing / Software Development

We will get to work designing and building software that is not only beautiful but that works flawlessly. We will also be working with a US based manufacturing company to get our Remora chips assembled.

Selling / Distributing

This is the part where we get to share Remora with all of you!!

Not only do we get to distribute Remora devices to each of our backers but we get to find even more people to keep safe!

What Makes Remora Different From Other Tracking Devices & Phone Apps?

Remora Tracking is different for many reasons:

  • Remora is a stand alone device which means you do not need your phone, a group of people, or any other device for Remora to work.
  • Remora uses real time GPS and its own cellular chip which means you can follow along every step of the way.
  • Remora will be small and have no screen therefor the battery life will outlive any device on the market.
  • Remora will be affordable. With other devices on the market costing upwards of $200, Remora will be the only tracker utilizing this technology that is affordable for any budget.
  • Remora will use GPS and Cellular technology. Many devices out there use GPS but they transmit the information using RFID or Bluetooth. This means that unless you have a phone or other receiving device close to the tracker you will not be able to collect real time data. Remora will be able to collect data from almost anywhere without connecting to any other device!!
  • Remora is not for stats and analyzing your run therefore it will be unnoticeable and never interfere with your training or connection with your surroundings.
How Can I Get My Remora Tracking Device?

Once the kickstarter is live you will be able to get your Remora by becoming a backer. This means you will help us raise the money to manufacture Remora trackers and you will receive a Remora before anyone else.


Once the kickstarter is over you will be able to pre-order and buy your Remora Tracker through our online store or in any of the local running stores that we are associated with. We will have a list of those stores once the kickstarter is over.

Will Remora Be Affordable?

Unlike other tracking devices on the market we wanted to make Remora Trackers affordable for anyone!


Once your Remora is bought all you would have to pay is a low al la cart price per race or a low monthly fee for everyday use. Our mission is to make it cheap enough that families can afford one for each of their members including their pets!


Here at Remora we never want someone to have to choose if they can afford to be safe and that is the main reason we vow to make Remora affordable.